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The links below provide information about International and European laws and legislation that protect vegans from discrimination and unfair treatment. There is also a link to information about court cases concerning veganism.

International Law

United Nations

European Law

European Law

Court Cases

Court Cases around the world

Why Vegan Rights

For ethical vegans, veganism is as much a life directing moral and philosophical belief as any religious doctrine is for those of religious faith. Rights for vegans are a way to gain formal recognition of the importance of the development of a compassionate human identity.

Examples of why vegans need legal protection:

• Some educational courses require vegans to undertake experiments on other animals. Law should offer protection to those who because of their ethical belief, do not wish to participate.

• Vegans are discriminated against when care homes, hospital or other institutions do not provide suitable food.

• Vegans are discriminated against in the health service when suitable medication is not provided.

• Vegans are marginalised socially, in restaurants for example where the choice and quality of food available is severely restricted.

International law requires nations to implement equal rights for all and prohibit discrimination. European case law has recognised veganism as a belief for the purposes of rights legislation. As such we believe that society has a moral duty to accommodate vegan belief and generate wider respect for veganism.

Legal protection for vegans impacts positively on the struggle for the non human animal rights.

The animal rights movement has never before formed a strong vegan pressure group because the focus has quite rightly been on the suffering of non human animals. A movement for rights for vegans focuses positively on a type of human identity in law that speaks for the moral standing of non human others.

Wider respect for veganism means more and deeper consideration for non human sentient life, our environment and other related issues in the vegan world view.

Claiming our vegan rights in law contributes to anti-anthropocentric discourse and the dismantling the violent, exploitative practices of speciesism. It is a strategy that can work alongside the “incremental prohibitions” in law called for by Gary Francione as a way of eliminating the exploitative practices of speciesism.

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