Announcement from the International Vegan Rights Alliance

The International Vegan Rights Alliance (IVRA) has now been absorbed into The Vegan Society as ‘The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network’

Since 2012, the IVRA has worked tirelessly, without continuous sponsorship or funding, to support animal liberation by promoting the rights of vegans to live according to their moral convictions unhindered by the dominant policies and practices of mainstream speciesist society.

We have achieved many successes, and importantly, encouraged vegans to claim their rights to live practically as vegans in all areas of their lives, not because by claiming rights they acquire a tangible benefit, but because by claiming their rights they present the moral standing and suffering of nonhuman animals.

We have gained the respect and support of vegan organisations, academics and lawyers across the world.

In order to continue our important work, it became clear that the IVRA needed additional resources. We had various options for development but finally chose The Vegan Society as our beneficiary.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and contributed to our development over the last 7 years, and all of our current and former conference speakers and attendees. We would particularly like to thank all the vegans who have written to us for information and guidance about law and vegan rights.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those in our network who have agreed to continue to support The Vegan Society as part of its International Rights Network:

  • Chair : Dr Jeanette Rowley, UK
  • Dina Aherne, UK
  • Nuno Alvim, Portugal
  • Ralf Müller-Amenitsch, Germany
  • Jade Elliot-Archer, UK
  • Edwina Bowles, UK
  • Dr Gábor T. Fodor, Hungary
  • Petr Kudelka, Austria
  • Camille Labchuk, Canada
  • Marie Laffineur, France
  • Greg McFarlane, Australia
  • Matthew Overton, UK
  • Angela Radich, Australia

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