In Hungary, outrageous school catering regulation received media attention
by Gábor T. Fodor
In 2014 the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources issued a decree on “general food health guidelines for public catering”, according to which school caterers are obliged to give certain amount of meat (furthermore, milk products, eggs, etc.) to children at school…read more

Animals Need You : An Invitation to Join the Discussion
by Matthew Overton
While endeavouring to raise the profile of veganism in the legal sphere through my academic work, I encourage any students reading this who have a passion for veganism to do so also in their respective departments…read more

Under Construction: Building on Vegan Rights in the UK Construction Industry
by Anonymous
The engineering sector, and the construction industry in general, have never been considered as vegan friendly…read more

Students and Veganism
by Dr Jeanette Rowley
It’s World Vegan Month: What better time for students studying law to raise the profile of veganism…read more