Blog writing guidelines:

  • Blogs should be around 800 words in length and written in English.
  • Blogs should not contain offensive language, shame individuals or organisations or compromise data protection law.
  • To support our international audience, blogs should specify the country of origin in the blog.
  • We are happy to include a short biography of the author.
  • We are a happy to support anonymity through the use of a pseudonym if required and requested.
  • The blog should introduce the subject you are blogging about in the first paragraph and explain the point and purpose of the blog.
  • Blogs can be informative, explain a problem or issue and possible solutions, offer constructive comments on already published blogs, be motivational, inspirational or challenging. The overall point is to contribute to a global community of knowledge and generate discussion.
  • Please send your blog contributions to [email protected]

Our terms:

If we need you to edit your blog we will write to you explaining why and we may edit your blog if we think it is necessary.

We accept blogs at any time and endeavour to reply to you within two weeks.

We do not pay for contributions and we do not charge any fees.

Copyright remains with the author but by submitting a blog for publication you grant the IVRA irrevocable permission to publish the blog on our website, to save your document and to use information from you blog in other ways such as in future IVRA presentations and publications.

We ask that you refrain from publishing your blog elsewhere until 30 days from publication on the IVRA website have passed.

By sending a blog for publication you confirm that the work is owned entirely by you and that you have obtained permission to use any information that is owned by third parties.

We are currently unable to offer a translation service.

Please send your blog contributions to [email protected]