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International Conference on Veganism and Law 2018

Our 2017 International Symposium on Veganism and Law was a huge success, with participants from many countries, delivering excellent and very informative presentations. The IVRA would like to thank all speakers and attendees for their hard work making this symposium a huge success and going through big efforts to attend.

We would also like to thank Veganz for providing their facilities for the symposium and an excellent variety of food throughout the two days.

Last but by no means least, we would like to thank VEBU/ProVeg, and especially Kristin, for co-hosting and assisting with organising the symposium for the second year in a row.

Press Release Post-Symposium 2017

The IVRA team at the International Conference on Veganism and Law 2017
IVRA representatives from nine different countries at the Berlin Symposium 2017


The second International Symposium on Veganism and Law was a jam packed two days in Berlin (22nd/23rd July 2017), at the offices of Veganz.

We heard from:
• The International Vegan Rights Alliance about our background, the work we do and some of the vegan rights issues we've been assisting with.
• IVRA Representative and Portugeese Vegetarian Society, Nuno Alvim and speakers from Animal Alliance Portugal, Elisa Nair Ferreira and Maria Aragão explained the background to their new law requiring all state canteens to have vegan options. We also heard about how the inclusion of animals in the Civil Code promotes of animal rights and veganism and is creating more accessibility to vegan food socially.
• Vegan lawyer, German IVRA representative and PETA representative Ralf Müller-Amenitsch and Italian lawyer Dr. Carlo Prisco about their the approaches being used to assist vegans who are being discriminated against, for example in relation to free school meals and the successful case outcomes concerning veganism.
• Austrian IVRA Representative and Vegan Society Austria representative, Petr Kudelka who explained the lack of legal protection for veganism is directly related to the limiting definition of legal terms regarding protection for non-religious belief and what needs to be done tor rectify this problem.
• Scottish IVRA Representative and Go Vegan Scotland representative Barbara Bolton spoke about the ownership of certain words by the dairy industry (milk, cream, butter, cheese) and how we might challenge this monopoly. A speaker from ProVeg International explained the challenges plant-based companies are facing to their use of traditional meat related terms.
• Jeanette Rowley, IVRA and Vegan Society representative, spoke about the changes to admissibility criteria at the European Court of Human Rights and how this could affect the claims of vegans. She also called for the creation of an International Vegan Council composed of regional Vegan Society representatives to support each other and proactively engage with legislators and policy makers at the highest level.

That's just a snap shot. The best thing about the weekend was sharing information, feedback and ideas in our supportive group discussions, and the fact that we will all go back to our countries and work on improving things for vegans (and thereby for animals) with more tools and confidence.

And next year we are bringing the conference on Veganism and Law home to the UK. We will host the conference 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We hope to have representatives from as many countries as possible to speak about veganism and the law in their country. They will be able to join in person or by Skype.

Contact: Barbara or Loukas

DISCLAIMER: The ethos of the IVRA is that veganism is the lived expression of ethical responsibility to nonhuman animals. The IVRA promotes the legal protection of veganism to contribute to dismantling speciesist prejudice, support and give confidence to vegans and to encourage change in social policies and practices that overlook the marginalisation of veganism. As such, the IVRA does not necessarily support or condone the missions, policies or practices of participating organisations and the opinions, views and presentations of participating speakers do not necessarily reflect those of the IVRA. In addition, participating organisations do not necessarily support or condone the strategies and policies of each other but come together in recognition that veganism is an important issue for law and legal practice.



For a reminder of our 2nd International Symposium on Veganism and Law schedule, click here.

International Conference on Veganism and Law 2018

International Conference on Veganism and Law 2018

As we say goodbye to this year's symposium, we start preparing for next year. In 2018, vegan professionals from all over the world will gather in Edinburgh, Scotland, for the International Conference on Veganism and Law 2018. The event is in collaboration with Go Vegan Scotland (GVS).

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Please get in touch to express your interest in attending and/or speaking at the event by contacting Loukas or Barbara


We are interested to hear from individuals and organisations that would like to sponsor either an individual participant or the event. If you would like to talk to us about sponsorships, please contact Loukas

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