The International Journal of Veganism and Law is a peer-reviewed open access journal. The main aim of the journal is to create a professional forum to discuss the relationship of veganism to law, the implications of veganism for law and related social policy and regulations that flow from law. The overarching commitment of the journal is to facilitate a challenge to the speciesist prejudice that is entrenched in law and allow veganism to contribute to an anti-speciesist legal discourse. The journal accepts submissions on all topics related to veganism and law.

Our categories: Papers, Case Comment, Reviews, News, Interviews, are broad and inclusive to represent the diverse areas this topic covers. We welcome academic papers, case comments, comparative law reviews, debates, interviews, book reviews and critical reviews of political, regulatory social and educational policy, presentations, reports and other news regarding relevant activities and events. We welcome and strongly encourage interdisciplinary contributions and  collaborative submissions from different disciplinary approaches: from practising solicitors, legal executives, policy makers, educational and health care professionals, academics from all disciplines, activist, undergraduate and postgraduate students. All suitable submissions should be written in English and in a style to suit a wide audience in the diverse global community of readers.

Open Access Policy

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The journal was established in 2017 as a means to encourage and disseminate a growing body of knowledge in the area of veganism and law.