Leading the campaign for vegan rights

An international alliance of vegan legal professionals

The International Vegan Rights Alliance is a grassroots, not-for-profit organisation, and the foundational and leading authority on the subject of veganism and law. The principles and facts that ground the existence of the IVRA have been promoted since 2012 to encourage the growth of a network that can advocate in a new way for nonhuman animals. This knowledge base is enhanced by country representatives, who have unique and specialist knowledge of the relationship of veganism to law in their respective countries.

The ethos of the IVRA is that veganism is the lived expression of ethical responsibility to nonhuman animals. Under international law vegans are entitled to a social order that respects their right to live according to the ethical conviction that it is morally wrong to appropriate, abuse and exploit nonhuman animals. The IVRA is the first organised vegan rights pressure group that aims to raise awareness of the legal recognition of veganism and how vegans can be accommodated under the terms of international and European rights and equality legislation.

Why vegan rights

For ethical vegans, veganism is a life directing moral and philosophical belief. But we know that vegans are not properly accommodated.

Claiming our vegan rights in law contributes to anti-anthropocentric and anti-speciesist discourse, and helps dismantle violent, exploitative, humanocentric practices.

Our Mission

The core mission of the IVRA is to contribute to dismantling speciesist prejudice. We endeavour to achieve this by establishing and promoting the grounds for the legal protection of vegans and by campaigning for changes in law, social policies and practices.

IVRA Conference 2018

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The IVRA relies on the work of volunteer country representative members who promote vegan rights in their countries, inform the IVRA of unfair treatment, discrimination and legal cases concerning vegans. Members of the IVRA commit to using law to promote veganism for the benefit of nonhuman animals and do not publicly criticise or engage in public shaming of other groups or individuals in the animal rights movement.

Get Involved

The IVRA is a global network. To join us as a representative in your country please contact us.

The broader opinions, views and campaign strategies of individual IVRA members do not necessarily reflect the core mission of the IVRA and the IVRA does not necessarily support or condone statements made by individual members or the strategies and policies they may promote. The members of the IVRA are a diverse group of individuals who are able to set aside any differences and come together in recognition that veganism is an important issue for law and legal practice.
The owners of this website are not legal professionals and rely on the kind contribution of volunteers and country representatives for the information presented. The information provided is not and should not be considered legal advice.