A Few Words About Us

Formed in 2012, the IVRA is the leading international pressure group for vegan rights

The International Vegan Rights Alliance has representatives in 13 countries and its network keeps growing. The group has been involved in various activities that promote rights for vegans and its representatives have given presentations in many events and many countries all over the world.

       In 2013, IVRA representatives handed to the UN in Geneva a letter-petition, asking for the recognition of vegan and non human rights as one and the same. The UK representatives have been promoting rights for vegans in the place of work and in the wider society. Also, the UK representatives of the group have recently released a book with Questions and Answers regarding Vegan Rights in order to raise awareness about the rights of Vegans in all walks of life.

Country Representatives

Greece Flag


  • Alexia Siachou
  • Loukas Mitsou
  • Germany Flag


  • Μüller-Αmenitsch
  • Switzerland Flag


  • Anushavan Sarukhanyan
  • Indonesia Flag


  • Ιyan Βarlyanta
  • Australia Flag


  • Greg McFarlane
  • Ireland Flag


  • Ed Long
  • USA Flag


  • Lori Theis -Seattle
  • Portugal Flag


  • Nuno Alvim
  • Jorge Ribeiro
  • Austria Flag


  • Petr Kudelka
  • Estonia Flag


  • Helena Segedin
  • Lithuania Flag


  • Mantas Meskerys
  • South Africa Flag


  • Esmeralda Sayaguesa
  • Brexit Flag

    Campaign Manager (Brexit)

  • Robb Masters
  • Hungarian Flag


  • Gábor T. Fodor
  • Luxembourgh Flag


  • Roelien Kramer
  • Student Liaison

    Student Liaison

  • Matthew Overton
  • Canada Flag


  • Carolyn Harris
  • Volunteer With Us

    Become an IVRA Representative

    The IVRA relies on the good work its country representatives are doing. The country representatives promote vegan rights in their country, inform the IVRA of any legal, discrimination and unfair treatment cases that are relevant to vegan rights in their country and actively participate in the running of the organisation. Those of legal background can also contribute with content on the IVRA website and provide relevant country legislation that protects vegans and their rights.

           If you are interested in becoming an IVRA Country Representative, please get in touch with us.

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